BF. William Empson

2. Poems by William Empson. Tokyo: Fox and Daffodil, 1934.

  Incorporated into Collected Poems.  

Empson’s first collection of poems, fourteen in total, printed ‘for private circulation’ at ‘Kinuta-mura, near Tokyo’ while he was resident in the city. All but Homage to the British Museum, This Last Pain, and Bacchus had appeared in British journals while he was an undergraduate at Cambridge and before he arrived in Japan, and of these only the last may be definitively traced to his years in Tokyo (see 14, 1955 preface), though neither that work nor any other in the collection makes use of Japanese subjects. Fox and Daffodils was the name of a student literary journal at Tokyo Imperial University in the twenties and thirties, and so publication probably was arranged by faculty advisors for that journal, probably including Ichikawa Sanki (Ap). Incorporated into 4 and 14.





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