BC. Laurence Binyon

42. Hatcher, John Trevor. ‘Anglo-Japanese Friendships: Yashiro Yukio, Laurence Binyon, and Arthur Waley’. Fukuoka daigaku jinbun ronsô 23 (1992): 997-1022.

Carefully traces this ‘nexus of Anglo-Japanese friendships’ between Yashiro (Ap) and his ‘closest friends in England’, Binyon and Waley (see D26). Notes that in 1923 Taki Seiichi (Ap) invited Binyon to a professorship in English literature at Tokyo Imperial University, but that for ‘Museum, family and other reasons’ he could not accept. This would have been the post being vacated by Robert Nichols (Ap), which was offered as well to T. E. Lawrence (see Lawrence to Sydney Cockerell, 13 January 1924, in The Letters of T. E. Lawrence [London: Cape, 1938], p. 450) and eventually went to Blunden.






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