BC. Laurence Binyon

39. Obituary. Times (London), 11 March 1943.

Binyon’s visit to Japan is noted and praised as a sojourn of ‘a new kind’. ‘He was invited to Tokyo as the exponent of the British painters, and, taking with him a number of fine examples of the water-colourists, he created a deep impression by his lectures, in which he had the great advantage of information and sympathy. It was the first time that any such apostolic interpretation of men like the Cozenses had been offered with the living voice in Japan; and the gratitude of his audiences is perpetuated in an elaborate illustrated catalogue and in the publication at Tokyo of his ‘Landscapes in English Art and Poetry’ [23] for the general reader.’ Even in this remembrance of Binyon’s life and work, his verse drama (see 16 and 22) is described as ‘showing more correctness than creative power’.





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