BC. Laurence Binyon


36. Katharine Sansom to Alizon Slingsby, October 1929. Pp. 42-42 in Sir George Sansom and Japan: A Memoir, by Katherine Sansom. Tallahassee, Fla.: Diplomatic, 1972.

A letter from the wife of Sansom (see D22) to her mother. ‘The Binyons of the British Museum are now in Tokyo, and Laurence B. has had wonderful success. He is probably as good an ambassador as we have ever had. . . . In the company of him and Mrs. Binyon and escorted by Yukio Yashiro [Ap], George and I have inspected marvellous treasures, bronzes, paintings, ceramics, kept in the godowns of eminent collectors which have been brought out for us. . . . ’ Elsewhere in the work Sansom identifies Yashiro as ‘George’s and [her own] best Japanese friend over many years’.






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