BB. Richard Aldington

2. I HAVE DRIFTED ALONG The River. Poetry 3 (January 1914): 133.

  Reprinted in Des Imagistes.  

Derived from ukiyoe. Aldington wrote to Miner (see 14) that the poem was written in the British Museum Print Room ‘on a couple of Japanese colour prints’, a landscape that was ‘certainly Hokusai’s’ (Ap) and another of a woman that was ‘perhaps an Outamaro [Utamaro], perhaps a Toyokuni [Utagawa, Ap].’ Miner notes (A25, p. 159) that the poem ‘illustrates . . . that the early Imagists found . . . Japanese prints useful for pictorial and color-laden technique and exotic emotional response’. See also 3. Reprinted, slightly revised, as The River, in 3 and in Pound’s 1914 anthology Des Imagistes (see BK7).






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