BA. Conrad Aiken

15. The Divine Pilgrim. Athens, Ga.: U of Georgia P, 1949.

Reprints The Charnel Rose (3a), House of Dust (9), and Aiken’s other ‘symphonies’ as a connected series, which Aiken notes in the preface he had intended as early as 1915. The title ‘the Screen Maiden’ and a thirty-nine line introduction have been dropped from the House of Dust section indebted to Hearn (9a); ‘Hiroshigi’ has been corrected throughout to Hiroshige (Ap), though the artist is still ‘many centuries dead’; curiously, the note acknowledging the debt to Hearn still has the passage in part II when in fact it is and always was in part III. What was earlier Conversation: Undertones (8) is the untitled Part III, section 10. The entire work has undergone revision, but these sections are not significantly changed.






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