Stanley Kimmel

From the Book of a Japanese Urchin (1920)

Every night the moon
Comes with his bucket of stars
And tries to pretend
That he is a rich merchant,
A dealer in gems.
But the little earth people
Are not so easily fooled.








Stanley Preston Kimmel (dates unknown) was author of among other works Poems and Fantasies (Los Angeles: Grafton, 1916), Improvisations (San Francisco: Publishers of Little Books, 1919), Souvenirs (Publishers of Little Books, 1919), The Strange Voyage (Publishers of Little Books, 1919), and Leaves on the Water: Sketches and Tales of the Orient (New York: Seltzer, 1922), the last of these with a preface by Sadakichi Hartmann (see D12). ‘From the Book of a Japanese Urchin’ appeared in Asia, November 1920, p. 956.

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