My first debt in bringing together this archive is to those who have granted permission to include work in it, who without payment beyond a notice of titles in print have so generously supported the project. I am indebted also to those who have called my attention to work that has found its way here, particularly to Paul Rossiter, who has filled in many gaps in my knowledge, and to the late Richard Caddel, who after one accidental meeting and one following e-mail posted queries, forwarded responses, and brought me up to date.

The archive also has benefited from the various kindnesses of Emiko Kuroda, Peter Makin, the late Shigeo Tobita, and Scott Watson, and would not have been possible without the courtesy of the Department of English and the excellence of the staff of the University Library at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Infelicities, of course, are mine.

David Ewick, April, 2004

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